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Microphones: Products & Practice (SG-04)

UK/European edition
March 2011
(US edition June, 2013)

Key microphone specification data and expert advice on how to choose and set up microphones to get great recordings.

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Monitors & Headphones:
Products & Practice (SG-03)

UK/European edition
September 2011
(US edition May, 2012)

The essential buyers guide to monitors and headphones with expert guidance on choosing and optimising your gear.

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Music Technology:
Basics & Beyond (SG-02)

first published April 2011

Key advice to get you setting up your home or project studio, recording, and all elements of music production.

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DAW Power User (SG-01)

first published December 2010

Hundreds of tips to help you work better, faster and more efficiently with your favourite recording software.

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