Music Technology: Basics & Beyond 

Published in April 2011.

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Getting started with home recording can be pretty intimidating, especially if the kind of information you read in SOS sometimes goes over your head. The jargon can at times seem impenetrable, and self‑taught engineers often find that gaps in their knowledge prevent them from progressing further. For those struggling to grasp the basics, we’ve written Music Technology: Basics & Beyond, the second title in our series of SOS Smart Guides. Written by our esteemed Editor In Chief Paul White, Basics & Beyond has been made specifically with the aim of providing a solid foundation from which to expand your studio knowledge, and it covers everything you need to know about the fundamentals of music production.

From cable and connector types to the underlying principles of EQ, compression and mixers, Basics & Beyond does exactly what it says on the tin, providing an ideal starting point for aspiring engineers, and leaving them fully equipped with the knowledge to move on to more advanced production techniques. On top of the 170+ fact-filled pages, Music Technology: Basics & Beyond enables you to gain access to bonus online content on this website, including loads of SOS resources as well as free instructional videos from Berklee Music Online.