Microphones: Products & Practice

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About the Video
This 35-minute video section begins with a look at the science behind microphones; their various designs and applications, how they work and what they do. Along the way the section looks at what mics ‘hear,’ dynamic range and sensitivity, mic characteristics and, finally, mic placements and techniques. Alan talks to several producers and engineers, including self-confessed mic junkie John McBride, at Blackbird Studios in Nashville.

Microphones are involved in almost all aspects and avenues of recording; even a sampled drum loop has had to have been miked and initially recorded by somebody! A microphone is an electrical ‘ear’ that listens to sound and, just as with ears, different mics placed in different positions hear different balances of the sound around them.

The video concludes with a quick guide to different instruments and applications and the generally accepted ‘classic’ mic choices you can use as starting off points.   

This free video is part of the Art & Science Of Recording series, comprising more than 10 hours of HD video in which Alan looks at everything from soundproofing and acoustics to a final mix. In the middle is a bird’s eye view of a live tracking session for the new Alan Parsons song "All Our Yesterdays" plus in-depth sections on recording all the major instrument types and vocals.


Alan Parsons
Alan Parsons engineered Dark Side Of The Moon and countless other classic hit records, and his Art & Science Of Sound Recording series is a video encyclopedia of modern recording tools, tasks and techniques.